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Professional Service Fees

Our initial telephone advice service is FREE. Booked appointments at our offices are at a chargeable rate. In line with our Community Referral Scheme, we provide appointments at no cost if you have been referred by the Local Authority or by our listed network partners.

You only pay for the service you require. The following fees are clear and transparent in line with our value for money pledge. The fee for each case will be made clear before you agree us to help you!

All prices include VAT and are subject to new immigration provisions.

PACKAGESGeneral advice (up to one hour)Submission of applications to Home Office / High Commission. This excludes travel/ subsistence cost to attend client's location APPEALS. This includes lodging appeals, taking detailed instructions, making representations where appropriate, preparing case and representing at the FTT IAC in the UK. Fees exclude travel cost to attend tribunalsMerit test review and draft & submit application for Review Appeal Prepare and attend Reconsideration. Fees exclude travel cost to attend tribunalsPrepare and attend adjourned hearing
Concessions outside the Immigration Rules (HR Grounds)   NANANA
Dependent Children      
Dependent Relatives      
EEA Residence Permit      
Family Reunion      
Family Life appl (10/20 Year Rule)      
PBS applications Tier 1,2 & 4   NANANA
Leave to Remain (FLR/ILR)      
Overseas application (VAF based)      
Permit Free Employment      
Returning Residents      
Right of Abode      
Spouse / Partner      
UK Ancestry      
Nationality (Adult or Child)  NANANANA
Asylum with dependants       
Asylum dependants only   NANANANA
Administrative Removal      
Notice of deportation       
  • Fees are due in advance (minimum of £100 on first attendance or initial interview).
  • For appeals, where the date of the court hearing has not yet been fixed, 50% is to be paid in advance for preparation. The balance is due upon receipt of the notice of hearing or repsondent’s bundle.
  • For appeals, where the date of the Court hearing has been fixed and is within 4 weeks payment is due in full in advance.
  • Cheque, cash and bankers drafts are accepted . Our offices also accept debit and credit card payments with admin fee.
  • Outreach services incur a further £50 on the fees shown for initial consultation and application submissions.
  • Application fees payable to the Home Office/UKBA, Services of an interpreter, translation of documents and specialist reports e.g. medical. These fees would be additional to the fees quoted above.
  • Initial consultation fee would usually be subtracted fom the application fee if client choses to instruct WFIB for full service.