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Local authority referral base scheme

We are looking towards working with local authorities to provide an essential legal advice service for vulnerable (minors and victims of domestic violence), elderly and low-income based residents with asylum immigration, and nationality matters.

We understand due to recent budget cuts and the huge effect of LASPO since April 2013, it has caused great hardships to individuals accessing legal advice and representation. With very limited and often inaccessible local services within the borough, many individuals tend to lose hope in legalising their immigration status. This often causes a depressive lifestyle, illegal low-paid employment and poor standards of living arrangements within the borough. We want to help. Help us to help those local residents who really need professional advice and representation.

We acknowledge that local councils seek local businesses to supplement such services in order to provide help to those who need it so desperately. Given that almost all immigration matters are now out of scope from public funding, we seek partnerships with local councils to provide a subsidised and in some cases, a completely free pro bono service.

WFIB realise the need to help fellow residents who are particularly disadvantaged and often neglected to overcome their personal and family immigration issues. We want to eliminate their anxiety, So help us to help them!

Voluntary sector referrals

Having years of experience working alongside community and charity based organisations, we are looking towards working with good relationships in order to help fellow community residents.

We have found that many ethnic residents, especially elder citizens confide more with their own community led organisations to speak about their financial and immigration issues. We understand how vital it is for such voluntary organisations help the needy and that’s why we wish to forge strong relationships to serve a common purpose.

Private and corporate partnerships

We hold strong professional relationships with all our clients. You can expect our highest standards at all times and written acknowledgements of all our advice and representations.  We always maintain a very flexible and friendly rapport in order to ensure we achieve what is best for you. One of our specialties is Tier 1 Sponsored License applications for medium sized corporate organisations and tier 4 Student extension applications. So whether you’re a student embarking on a course of study in the UK or an educational establishment seeking the right clientele, you are sure to succeed with us.

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